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About Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree Marketing is the second advertising/marketing agency created by David Bosley. The first, Spectrum Advertising, was headquartered in Baltimore and thrived for 15 years. After six years in Los Angeles, the hunger has returned in the form of Twisted Tree Marketing.

Experts in the field of communication, creation and design are employed on a per job, per client basis. It guarantees that the right team is in place for your specific needs. All of us are driven by the desire to communicate a single idea with a word or an image and as a result, create a desire in the targeted person to act. Although the media has changed over the years, the goal remains the same.

We are a team of seasoned marketing practitioners on both coasts. We want to help your company grow and do it with a professionalism and attention to detail surpassed by no one.  

And we do it all with integrity. We're not in it for your short term bucks.  We're in the long term. We want to be your agency ten years from now.  We're looking for clients who feel the same.